Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Grumpy Faced Selfie

Over the weekend I went on a quick hike at Sawnee Mountain Preserve, a local nature park here.  It's close and I can get a quick hour hike in.  At the top of the mountain is a rock outcropping called Indian Seats.

You Can See My House From Here (Well, One I Used To Own)

While I was up there I figured I'd take a selfie with the view in the background.  I'm allowing myself to be inspired by a friend of mine, Brett Haddock, who declared 2014 the Year of Awesome Selfies for himself.  Here is how mine turned out.

I Am So Happy To Be Here

Believe it or not, that is my neutral, placid face.  I am actually in a pretty good mood in that picture.  My face is not just that expressive, it does not change much with my emotions.  Unless I'm really juiced (happy or sad) I tend to just look a little grumpy.  I have learned over the years to force my face to be more expressive, but I have to be conscious about it.  (Plus it still looks a little fake.)

I am the poster child for "don't judge a book by its cover".  Even so, I still fall into that trap more times than I should.  I'm going to keep that picture handy as a reminder.

Bonus Track:

I've started taking the last paragraph of my posts to highlight someone or something I've come across in my file that has made it more interesting.  Today, since I mentioned Brett Haddock in the post, I'm highlighting something cool he is doing.  Brett has a parody account on twitter - @nsa_pr.  He can be funny, snarky and sometimes crude pretending to speak for the NSA.  More importantly, he is lending his voice to the very important discussion about freedom, privacy and security that is long overdue in this country.


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