Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Bishop's Castle

It has been a while since I've written here.  Bad on me.  This one will be mostly pictures to get me (hopefully) back into the swing of things.

Bishop's Castle is a man made structure in the southern Rockies near Pueblo Colorado.  I say man made because it is made by man.  More specifically by a man.  Even more specifically by a single man.  At least that is the story.

Do embiggen!

What I can say for sure it that is is an amazing accomplishment, even if a few more than one person built it.  It's a massive stone structure that rambles through narrow passages and staircases to large open spaces.

Surrounding the castle, weaving in and out of it, open wire catwalks and bridges challenge the fortitude of those who dare to explore it.  Seriously, walking around on all of the welded iron jutting from the castle is a thrill ride.

Quite the life work of what you may call a crazy man.  And that may b.  e true.  Dotted through the property are hand made signs expressing views that are, shall we say, not mainstream.

Despite the views of its creator, Bishop's Castle is an amazing bit of architecture that is well worth a few hours of drive.  If you are ever nearby then you won't be sorry for taking the side trip.

Be good, have fun,

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