Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Trump Voter Already Knew

Once again proof of who Trump really is with regards to women surfaced.  Once again Trump tried to turn it away from him in a thinly veiled apology.  One again his poll numbers will take a hit, but not a very large one.

Because the Trump voter already knew.

The Trump voter already knew that Trump was a terrible businessman before they were told that Trump's net worth would be triple if Trump had simply bought a mutual fund with his daddy's money.

The Trump voter already knew he gamed the tax system before they found out he claimed a billion dollars of paper losses likely incurred by his business partners.

The Trump voter already knew that people of color are viewed as pawns by Trump, either for appearances (if they are famous) or for cheap labor before he started using them as election pawns.

The Trump voter already knew he views women as property before he admitted to committing sexual assault on an open mic.

The Trump voter already knew.  The Trump voter doesn't care.  The Trump voter has already rationalized this away, willfully put on blinders and ear plugs while chanting "la la la" in the back of his mind.

But Bill...
is not running for president this time.  Whatever bad he did / may have done / is doing doesn't matter in THIS election.

But Hillary...
is a collection of mole hills.  I could write an entire book on this, but you wouldn't read it.  And, again, it does not matter.  Even if Hillary is as bad as you are conditioned to believe, how in the name of the universe does that make Trump "great"?

The Trump voter is voting to make America "great" again, by Trump's measure of "greatness".

America is "great" when the tax burden is shifted to the lower income.
America is "great" when entire ethnic groups can be banned from it on easily debunked lies.
America is "great" when entire ethnic groups can be blamed for economic conditions brought on by the rich and powerful.
America is "great" when a woman is forced to accept whatever treatment a man forces on her.
America is "great" when unfocused anger is held in higher regard than thought, research and action.

America is "great" when it keeps the rich, straight, white male in power.

This is what the Trump voter is voting for.  This, at some level, it what the Trump voter wants.  In the end, this latest in a long line of disqualifying events will only move the polls a little.

Because the Trump voter already knew.

Be good, have fun,

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After that we could use some peace.

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