Saturday, January 11, 2014

One Week of Weather

In the span of one week I experienced weather from single digit temperatures and bitter wind chill all the way to 60 degrees, tornadoes and house shaking thunder today.  An entire season's worth of weather in only a few days.

Atlanta, where I currently call home, is not built around the concept of cold.  Not the kind of cold I grew up with in Indiana.  We don't insulate our houses here in the same ways, you can't easily buy a true winter coat and you would be hard pressed to justify the expense.

But it happened at the beginning of January.  Luckily we did not get any ice, but even still I had friends lose electricity and have water pipes burst. The main floor of my house struggled to keep 64 degrees in the house.

And now, this morning, I am writing this just after the first line of what would normally be a spring thunder storm.  Wind, lightning and thunder here, nearby two tornados moving at the speed limit over others.

Atlanta has always (for as long as I have lived here) had surprising temperature spans but this borders on ridiculous.  But unusual weather is now the norm here.  Just a few years ago it was so hot and dry over the summer that Atlanta was at actual risk of running out of water.  Since then years where it seems the rain never stopped.

This last December hundreds of record highs were recorded, this week dozens of record lows.  But that is what happens when you pump more energy into a system.  It gets more erratic, harder to predict. 

Sounds like another line of storms rolling in.


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