Thursday, March 20, 2014

Miscellaneous Interesting Stuff

The weather has made it a little hard to get out and do stuff, so I thought I'd dump some interesting stuff I've collected recently.

First Person Rally Driving
Rally racing is one of my favorite sports.  It's a great combination of technology, speed and beautiful surroundings.  I'd be a rally driver (or at least try it) if I didn't have a nagging need to eat and pay bills.  French rally driver Simon Pagenaud mounted a camera to his helmet during some practice runs and posted it to YouTube, which I now present to you.

Rubber Band Gatling Guns
Do I really need to say more?


Maybe a Better Sleeping Bag
I've never had a sleeping bag that really fit.  I'm a restless sleeper and I always get knotted up.  Maybe this sleeping bag would be better?  I may find out the next time I get a new one.

From Uncrate

Bonus Track:
The Doubleclicks are are a two sister geek music powerhouse.  They recently started a push to publish a bunch of new music.  Here is there latest:
I got to meet them on the third JoCo cruise (even danced with Aubry at a swing dancing class) and they are super nice people.  They are worthy of listening to.


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