Saturday, July 12, 2014

Science Ranch! (Again!)

So, another six months another Science Ranch.  (I guess the last one was Space Ranch, but it counts.)

I've always been one to adventure.  As a teen in high school and early college I (sometimes with my brother and a few friends) would traipse through the woods of north Georgia, often straying from the trail to find hidden gems in the woods, abandoned shacks, wild turkeys and even an abandoned copper mine that became an underground lake.

Having kids did not change things much, and once our finances supported it we started exploring many of the cool places in the country.  Moab UT, Shenandoah VA, Jackson WY.  It became a separate part of our lives.  Go out, adventure, separate from our daily lives of games, technology and mental activity.  Do not get me wrong, these were amazing experiences that I would not give up for anything.  But there is so much we could have learned about where we were.  Our guides and outfitters knew some, but only enough to keep the average persons interest.

That is why I keep coming back to each Science Ranch.  I get all the outdoors and adventure I an handle and I get the depth of understanding about the world I'm adventuring in.

This year, Science Ranch was held in Gunnison, CO at the Wuanita Hot Springs Ranch.  The Gunnison basin is surrounded on all sides by large mountain ranges.  This gives it a somewhat unique ecology.  It also has a mining history and that makes the geology fun as well.  It is also remarkably beautiful and supports lots of great outdoor activities.

In the next few posts I'm going to expand on the trip, but to give you a flavor of what I experienced and to help me work on my writing.  In the mean time here are a few pictures from the trip.

Bonus Track:
Since this was a vacation (and I adore cover songs)...

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