Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Four Promises I Made To Myself

Move.  Almost five years ago, before the divorce, before the problems, before my daughter even started high school, I promised myself that I would leave Georgia and find a place I wanted to be in more.  My family was on board and we were excited for the change.  Even after the divorce, even though I knew it meant being on my own for large parts of my life, I stuck to the promise.  I've let many promises to myself go for good and bad reasons and this was one I decided I couldn't let go.  And I'm here now.

Be outside.  This has been the easiest promise to keep by far.  The weather here and the vast opportunities to explore here make it hard to stay inside.  I had a good start before moving here, but the move has done more to make me active than anything else has in the past.

Never be afraid of what I think and feel.  This has been hard, but withholding my feelings have caused me more grief than not.  I'm still not perfect, but I'm better than I ever have and in a better place for it.  I'd rather find people who can handle honesty then those who would rather turn a blind eye for emotional security.

Take the good people are willing to give you and don't worry about maybes and could haves.  This is the hardest, because it involves other people.  Knowing how much someone is willing to give you is difficult.  They may not even know it themselves.  For me, this comes down to letting go of the notion that someone "owes" you.  In relationships no one owes you anything.  Everything they give you is a gift, even if it isn't everything you had hoped for.

Be good, have fun,

Bonus Track:
I just added Qwirkle to my board game library and was playing it with a friend last Sunday.  So, since it is recent in my mind, here is the episode of Table Top whey they play it.

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